About Us

I grew up eating Cinnamon Roasted Nuts "Gebrannte Mandeln" as a child in Germany.  My favorite childhood memories were going to a carnival and getting a delicious treat of fresh, warm cinnamon nuts, munching them right out of a colorful paper cone.  My mom had those same wonderful, delicious memories from her own childhood.  Fast forward...we immigrated to the United States in 1980 and landed in AZ working in the Dairy industry, of all things. 

My enthusiastic and passionate Mom decided that when she retired, she wanted to sell those traditional cinnamon nuts and follow the carnivals.  She thought it would be great fun! She brought over her sister from Germany and together they apprenticed, worked hard and practiced how to roast those nuts to perfection.  Each batch was fussed over and critically evaluated to meet their high  standards.  She called her business "Grandma Goes Nuts"! 

Mom's enthusiasm was contagious and in 2008 I started "Absolutely Nuts" in Washington state, where I was raising my kids. As a single mom it was great fit for my life and a wonderful connection to my Mother who passed away in 2013.  I've loved being in this nutty business and I'm amazed how it has grown and gained a loyal following.  After more than a decade, each batch is still fussed over with the same dedication to perfection.  I've met the most wonderful people at events, some of whom now bring the next generation to the booth, which has become part of their...tradition.  I truly love my work.

It was my Mom's wish to keep "Grandma Goes Nuts" going strong.  So, for a part of each year, I return to AZ to keep her legacy going at festivals and continue the tradition to roast awesome nuts for folks whose childhood memories now include eating those delicious warm nuts from a colorful paper cone.